A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.
— Annie Leibovitz

Meet Marissa! 

Marissa Renee, Lover of Christ, Preacher, Author, Entrepreneur seeks to live in a mogul mindset under the belief that God has given us all gifts and talents, to flourish in the earth.  She believes that with those gifts we strategize to obtain wealth.  With this Marissa strives toward a seven streams mentality.   Creatively Marissa has always been gifted with innovative thinking.  In this, Photography has become a passion and stream 2 of her seven stream mentality.  "Work hard, don't ever be above working, and you'll never be beneath wealth" -Marissa R. Farrow

About Our Work

M.Renee Photography seeks to create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.  Capturing moments is freezing time for your viewing pleasure and memory walk.  We seek to create the best and most elite experience you could have, Through Professionalism, and attention to details.  During a M.Renee Photography Experience you will receive on time and punctual services as well as well as detailed class in delivery and timeliness.  Your collection will be handed to you with grace and beauty that cannot compare.